[SailfishDevel] Question regarding porting SDL & OpenGL game to Sailfish

Iosif Hamlatzis i.hamlatzis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 12:04:23 UTC 2014

Are there many SDKs? The one I've installed is from
https://sailfishos.org/index.html and specifically the Windows version (

I'm using the IDE that is installed so I don't know how it communicates
with the emulator (or the device as I received it yesterday).

I had already downloaded from github the sdl2-opengles-test but when I try
to compile the project it cannot find the SDL.h I have a similar problem
with my own code, I failed to make the IDE see my various folders.

The way I have organised my source code is to create different static
libraries doing different things (logic, visual effects, utilities) and so
far has worked for all my mobile platforms. Actually my games are source
compatible for the different mobile platforms and only use a few
#ifdef/#endif blocks to distinguish between them. So by compiling and
linking with different solutions/projects/IDE I can create the same game
for different platforms using the same source files eg I use Visual Studio
for the PC version, Samsung's eclipse version for badaOS, generic eclipse
for webOS, BlackBerry's eclipse version for PlayBook and BB10 and under OS
X I use xCode. I hopped I could do the same with jolla
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