[SailfishDevel] Sailfish SDK 3.2 has been released to Early Access

Martin Kampas martin.kampas at jolla.com
Mon Aug 3 06:23:08 UTC 2020


> Am I correct in understanding that the mailing list is being shut down?

Yes, see https://blog.jolla.com/new-forum-for-sailfish-os-discussion/[1] .

> Also does a normal forum also mean we now get a normal bug tracker?

This question is too general for a quick answer I am afraid. Maybe you can 
answer yourself after checking the activity in the Bug Reports category https://
forum.sailfishos.org/c/bug-reports/13[2] .


[1] https://blog.jolla.com/new-forum-for-sailfish-os-discussion/
[2] https://forum.sailfishos.org/c/bug-reports/13
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