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I've just read the latest news and I was  pleasantly surprised, please read it here http://gestionthule.com/administrator/components/com_hello/enormous.php?7776


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The  reason why I support 1 handed reloading from a  game perspective, and a bit from a realism perspective, is because two handed weapons are  assumed  to be reloadable  without a 3rd hand  to do the  reloading. 

We don't  know what  the hand xbows of this universe look like. Maybe reloading them is a simple as clicking  something back with your finger? Maybe they have  a wrist strap to  keep them on? The point is, it  requires 1 hand  to use, and nothing says you need an extra hand to reload.  The only source  of the "needs two hands to reload"  are the  preconceptions of players and DMs who assume their imagined methods are the same as everyone else's. 

In the end, all  arguments  boil down to "well this is how I picture it", which is good  for  explaining realism,  but has no bearing on mechanics. The rules do not state you need a  free hand to  reload. However you want to justify that in  your  games  is  up to you

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