[SailfishDevel] Update on SailfishOS roadmap

Soumya Bijjal soumya.bijjal at jollamobile.com
Mon May 11 12:25:26 UTC 2015

Hello all,

It's been a while since the last update from us. The development of the 
new UI framework and adaptation work for the Tablet have been our 
priority for some time and will continue to be until we are ready with 
the sales release for the Tablet.

Alongside this important activity, we are preparing for the next 
software upgrade, version 1.1.6 for your Jolla phone. Here are the 
highlights on what to expect:
     - Private browsing mode in Browser
     - View detailed disk usage information under Settings > System > 
About Product, by tapping on the memory info
     - Option to search in Mail app
     - Notification for voicemail (subject to your operator providing 
push notifications)
     - View phone number of your contact in the call log by invoking the 
context sensitive menu (via press and hold action) on the call log entry
     - Display a notification if an email attachment cannot be opened
     - Import .ical and .vcs entries  from the transfer list to the 
Calendar app
     - Option to send read receipt to the recipient when you have opened 
the MMS received

As you may have noticed, we've recently put up the development roadmap 
at sailfishos.org (accessed as a link from the highlevel roadmap page):

It has now been updated after our iteration planning day on last 
Tuesday. We will continue update the page after every planning day to 
reflect the advancements.

Each item in the roadmap view signifies when the task is expected _to be 
started_.  In addition, we will provide more meta-data to each task to 
indicate when it is implemented (read merged into our master code base) 
followed by which software version it was released in. We chose this 
method over displaying when an item is expected to be delivered as more 
often than not, tasks span through multiple weeks, sometimes put on hold 
due to one matter or another. We trust that a combination of whats 
started, implemented and released gives you a better picture of our 
development efforts.

- bijjal

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