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Mon May 11 12:43:20 UTC 2015

Great guys! I really appreciate this!

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 2:25 PM, Soumya Bijjal <
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> Hello all,
> It's been a while since the last update from us. The development of the
> new UI framework and adaptation work for the Tablet have been our priority
> for some time and will continue to be until we are ready with the sales
> release for the Tablet.
> Alongside this important activity, we are preparing for the next software
> upgrade, version 1.1.6 for your Jolla phone. Here are the highlights on
> what to expect:
>     - Private browsing mode in Browser
>     - View detailed disk usage information under Settings > System > About
> Product, by tapping on the memory info
>     - Option to search in Mail app
>     - Notification for voicemail (subject to your operator providing push
> notifications)
>     - View phone number of your contact in the call log by invoking the
> context sensitive menu (via press and hold action) on the call log entry
>     - Display a notification if an email attachment cannot be opened
>     - Import .ical and .vcs entries  from the transfer list to the
> Calendar app
>     - Option to send read receipt to the recipient when you have opened
> the MMS received
> As you may have noticed, we've recently put up the development roadmap at
> sailfishos.org (accessed as a link from the highlevel roadmap page):
> https://sailfishos.org/developmentroadmap/
> It has now been updated after our iteration planning day on last Tuesday.
> We will continue update the page after every planning day to reflect the
> advancements.
> Each item in the roadmap view signifies when the task is expected _to be
> started_.  In addition, we will provide more meta-data to each task to
> indicate when it is implemented (read merged into our master code base)
> followed by which software version it was released in. We chose this method
> over displaying when an item is expected to be delivered as more often than
> not, tasks span through multiple weeks, sometimes put on hold due to one
> matter or another. We trust that a combination of whats started,
> implemented and released gives you a better picture of our development
> efforts.
> - bijjal
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Luca Donaggio
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