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Tomek discuss at tdress.de
Sat Feb 14 06:49:35 UTC 2015

about the tablet specific work.

I am wondering how our applications would look like on the new tablet.
Is there a way to modify the current Jolla phone emulator to use the same resolution as the tablet to be?


Am 13.02.2015 um 14:09 schrieb Soumya Bijjal <soumya.bijjal at jollamobile.com>:

> Hi all,
> Here is an update on our progress from the past month. Do note that they are all work in progress and not release ready for another few months.
> * Tablet hardware adaptation is nearly ready for MWC
>  - USB charging, stereo speakers, sensors, accelerometer, Bluetooth, WLAN functionalities have been verified
> * Work on the new UI framework is progressing at a good pace
>  - lock screen has been separated from the homescreen
>  - improved notifications with visual grouping and additional actions
>  - events view with a richer user experience
>  - improved home screen interactions and transitions
>  - new swipe edge transition
> * Lock screen media player controls implemented for the native media player app, under review https://together.jolla.com/question/3414/control-music-from-the-lock-screen/
> * IMAP idle/push support implemented https://together.jolla.com/question/493/imap-idle-imap-push-for-the-e-mail-app/
> * Landscape mode enabled in Maps
> * Toolchain has been updated (upgraded to GCC 4.8, binutils 2.25, switch  to Thumb2+NEON for ARM by default, march=i686 and SSE2 minimum for X86)  and will take into effect with update13; expect a huge download size for  the update
> * Dual-stack support  (ipv4 and ipv6) for cellular connectivity in the middleware
> * Update to GStreamer 1.x: souphttpstc is enabled, AAC encoding/decoding works
> * Prototyping of encrypted filesystem: This is currently on hold for a short while due to MWC preparations
>    - We have a development template to build filesystem layout on tablet that could allow home encryption
>    - Most of the real work is still ahead of us: studying if in-place conversion  can be done with changing LVM logical volumes, /var/ encryption, user application binaries and user app data encryption and most of all placement to home instead of root, boot target for password query
> * Drop upower in favour of statefs:
>  - udev is used directly to fetch power and battery temperature information via statefs power-udev provider
>  - MCE now fetches battery info from statefs
> * Performance improvements:
>  - Improved performance of adding items to the scenegraph, particularly when e.g. scrolling lists
>  - Pool allocator for shadow nodes in the scenegraph used to reduce possible memory fragmentation
>  - Substantially reduced the number of nodes required by the scenegraph
>  - Reduced the amount of memory required by internal JS structures
>  - Reduced the need to heap allocate when dealing with IR structures
>  - Reduced the amount of memory required for SQLite caches
> As  for the next OS release, we are currently at release candidate 5 for Yliaavanlampi (update 11) and expect to have another release candidate before we can decide on the release schedule.
> For this iteration, we have two main goals:
>    1. Demonstrate the new UI framework and Tablet functionality at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
>    2. Make the device usable in filesystem full condition to allow the user to recover from it on her own
> In addition, we have planned to work on the following:
> * Tablet specific work:
>  - Bluetooth audio configuration
>  - Integrate microphone
>  - Improve boot up and shutdown time
>  - Support for OBEX FTP Bluetooth profile
>  - Upgrade Bluetooth AVRCP to version 1.3
>  - Check Bluetooth+WLAN coexistence
>  - Verify MTP functionality
>  - Performance improvements
>  - Intel support for Android runtime
> * Enable OpenVPN support on the OS
> * Update to Facebook API 2.2
> * Telepathy farstream / SIP Audio routing policy
> * Bug fixing on issues related to Bluetooth sync, presence and accounts/calDAV
> * New settings options to
> - display disk space used by images, media, backup, app data etc
> - display SD card information
> * Update main view of Gallery app for the Tablet
> The following activities continue from the last iteration:
> * Adapt middleware to modemless device i.e. Tablet
> * Work towards Pulseaudio 6.0
> * Drop upower in favour of statefs
> * Allow factory reset operation to reset the OS to the latest available public version instead of the age old factory image
> * Run btrfs balance operation before installing OS update
> * Improvements to PackageKit for software update handling
> * Sensor detection, USB, camera adaptation and filesystem layout for the Tablet
> * USB tethering UI implementation https://together.jolla.com/question/3798/usb-tethering/
> * Private browsing https://together.jolla.com/question/1821/private-mode-in-web-browser/
> * Continue working on landscape mode for apps
> Thats all for now,
> bijjal
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