[SailfishDevel] How to create a nemo transfer-engine plugin?

Andrey Kozhevnikov coderusinbox at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 22:07:01 UTC 2014

compile it from source?

12.11.2014 03:05, Gabriel Böhme пишет:
> Hi sailors,
> got my Jolla some days ago and I'm really used to share links with
> Pocket (getpocket.com) on N9 and Android.
> So I was looking for some details and found a hint that SailfishOS is using
> transfer-engine from nemo mobile for sharing. So I played around with
> the example plugin code from nemomobile, but it can't compile the example,
> because it's missing nemotransferengine-qt5 package.
> Is there a repository that I have to add at first, or another way to get
> the package? And is there any working example online?
> Thanks in advance,
> Gabriel.
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