[SailfishDevel] App splashscreens on Sailfish

Martin Windolph martin at yoktobit.de
Wed Jan 22 07:35:09 UTC 2014


I don't know if there's something official by Silica, but I got a harbour rejection for long loading times a while ago.
I did the following:
 my "initialPage", I just show some splash image (anchors.fill: parent) 
and I include a "Loader" item that overlaps that (also anchors.fill: 
parent). The Loaders asynchronous property is set to true.
The item, 
the Loader loads, does the rest of the apps initialization, so you get a
 state change when it's done Loading. Then it's done, I make "the Loader
 visible" (and the splash screen invisible). That reduced my initial 
loading times a lot.
example: https://github.com/yoktobit/morzyn/blob/master/qml/MorzynPage.qml


> Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 08:22:41 +0100
> From: christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
> To: devel at lists.sailfishos.org
> Subject: [SailfishDevel] App splashscreens on Sailfish
> Hi all
> Does sailfish support application splash screens? Is so how?
> This indicates https://github.com/nemomobile/mapplauncherd that  
> Sailfish does not - at least when starting with mapplauncherd.
> My semi-ported app is taking a little too long to start, and while I  
> have a clear medium term goal to find out what is taking time and  
> optimise / eliminate that, at the moment I am focussed on getting  
> things working on Sailfish, and therefore a splash screen would be  
> handy. Once everything is working, I can then turn to get it working  
> ever more slickly!
> Chrsi
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