[SailfishDevel] Font rendering bug

Michal Jerz info at my-jolla.com
Fri Jan 17 01:17:09 UTC 2014


There is something wrong with font rendering.  A different (better looking, 
larger) font is used when an application is started automatically right 
after deployment (and each time it is started from the Terminal), and a 
different font (uglier, smaller) is used when an application is started from 
an icon.

Some example screenshots and a simple example code (link in the comments) to 
test it can be found here:


(screenshots not always show up on that site, please refresh if you can't 
see them).

One person tested it on his setup (SDK, device) and got the same results. 
According to him, "starting the app directly from QtCreator (after deploying 
it as RPM-package) in the device, or launching it from the Terminal, does 
not make the type of application to "silica-qt5", but just "qt5", and fonts 
render more clearly and brightly. Starting from an icon makes the type of 
application "silica-qt5" and fonts render worse. The fonts are also of 
different letterspacing, and alignment"

Interestingly, if the initialPage is set as Component then the font is 
always the same (the worse looking, though). Otherwise, different fonts are 
shown depending on how the application is launched (terminal or icon) as 
described above.

Can someone please take a look at it? It is a HUGE problem because it 
changes the look of an application depending on how it is launched. I posted 
it on together.jolla.com weeks ago, but it didn't attract anyone's 


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