[SailfishDevel] Font rendering bug

Michal Jerz info at my-jolla.com
Fri Jan 17 01:51:01 UTC 2014

P.S. If someone wants to try and see the font rendering issue, here's a very 
simple example (simply a page showing some text):


When launched automatically right after deployment (and when started from 
the terminal by typing Biorhythms) the font is completely different than 
when launched from an icon....

(Sorry, I can't find an email client that correctly follows threads on this 

>There is something wrong with font rendering.  A different (better looking, 
>larger) font is used when an application is started automatically right 
>after deployment (and each time it is started from the Terminal), and a 
>different font (uglier, smaller) is used when an application is started 
>an icon.
>Some example screenshots and a simple example code (link in the comments) 
>test it can be found here:
>(screenshots not always show up on that site, please refresh if you can't 
>see them).
>One person tested it on his setup (SDK, device) and got the same results. 
>According to him, "starting the app directly from QtCreator (after 
>it as RPM-package) in the device, or launching it from the Terminal, does 
>not make the type of application to "silica-qt5", but just "qt5", and fonts 
>render more clearly and brightly. Starting from an icon makes the type of 
>application "silica-qt5" and fonts render worse. The fonts are also of 
>different letterspacing, and alignment"
>Interestingly, if the initialPage is set as Component then the font is 
>always the same (the worse looking, though). Otherwise, different fonts are 
>shown depending on how the application is launched (terminal or icon) as 
>described above.
>Can someone please take a look at it? It is a HUGE problem because it 
>changes the look of an application depending on how it is launched. I 
>it on together.jolla.com weeks ago, but it didn't attract anyone's 

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