[SailfishDevel] QML Timer stops running

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Tue Jan 14 05:10:02 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 14 January 2014 05:51 Jens Persson wrote:
> Yes but this is from python:
> https://github.com/xerxes2/panucci/blob/master/src/panucci/qml2ui/qml2main.p
> y#L366
> Now when I look at it, that code is from pre Elopocalypse, it may not
> really be a QTimer but may work for you anyway. Seems to be a class
> function or something.
> http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtcore/qtimer.html

Yes QTimer.singleShot() might work, but apparently not interval timers

> I'm actually about to implement more logic to that method so hopefully you
> get it to work. If only singleshot work would be a bit lame.

Indeed. I managed to get it working using libiphb, but I doubt the harbour 
master will allow an app linking against it even though it's installed - and 
probably used by the clock app.

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus

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