[SailfishDevel] Scriptlets in RPM hot allowed to Harbour

kaa kaa at iol.cz
Mon Jan 13 12:22:53 UTC 2014

.. runned as root .. because doing work on root level.

Simple apps like "life years/months/days" are nice, but we need many 
better, stronger, "under-skin" apps..
Like Profilematic, call blocker/recorder/assist, PhotoSync & many others 
with daemon running.
Without this kind of apps Jolla phone is crap worse than Android...
As N9 user .. now I may use Jolla phone only with pain and frustration.

Then I have question:

What is right way to set-up "run daemon now and after boot" right after 
install .. without post-inst script in RPM ?

And I want answer, please ...


Dne 11.1.2014 11:41, Jonni Rainisto napsal(a):
> because they are runned as root.
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> Why RPM scriptlets not allowed to harbour?
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