[SailfishDevel] MobileNetwork / MobileData automatically on after reboot - what the heck?

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Mon Jan 13 12:18:00 UTC 2014

Hi kaa

could you explain more exactly how you are expecting Assisted GPS to work?

It sounds like you are expecting it to show changes in position before  
a GPS fix has been acquired.

My understanding is that A-GPS is intended to get a useable fix  
faster. If you know roughly where you are, it is easier / quicker to  
calculate exactly where you are. Then once you have an accurate fix  
using the GPS signal it is easier to spot and track small changes.



Zitat von kaa <kaa at iol.cz>:

> BTW, Assisted GPS not work. Minimally not work in my country (Czech  
> republic). But I know I am not alone, same problem is in other  
> countries.
> Positon/location is changed always only with GPS signal on my Jolla.  
> Is required some DB of BTS? Via which provider?
> PS: I have unlimited O2 mobile data.
> kaacz
> Dne 13.1.2014 11:01, christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch napsal(a):
>> Hi Simon
>> In what order did you turn mobile date off, and activate the GPS app?
>> If the mobile data was really off, and not accessed or reactivated  
>> by the GPS then it potentially could take much longer to get a fix.  
>> Where mobile-data is permitted, then the GPS can use the A  
>> (assisted) part of A-GPS via mobile date to get a faster fix.
>> Grüsse
>> Chris
>> Zitat von "Simon Bolek" <simon.bolek at googlemail.com>:
>>> Problem:
>>> After i turned on the Location (BTW waited the whole eternity to gain GPS
>>> signal) and turned the MobileData OFF, i noticed that after reboot
>>> MobileData is activated again!
>>> WHY???
>>> I do not have a mobile data plan on my sim card, so i want it to be
>>> deactivated, and no app whatsoever has rights to turn it on (for that I
>>> could've bought android right away).
>>> Is this a BUG or a FEATURE?
>>> br
>>> simon
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