[SailfishDevel] No inbox?

Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at movial.com
Fri Jan 10 06:07:24 UTC 2014

2014/1/10 Chris Walker <cdw_nokiaqt at the-walker-household.co.uk>:
> On the way home from the meeting, I wanted to send a text to my wife.
> If I thought email was difficult, that was a walk in the park compared
> to trying to send an SMS. Seriously people, have you tried this thing
> in the real world? Where's the Reply button? Jeez. You sure are making
> life tough.

This intrigues me. What exactly did you find difficult in sending an SMS?

>From what I see on the device, it should be quite obvious how to do
that both through the people app or the messaging app, and
not-so-obvious but guessable (long press) from the call app.

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