[SailfishDevel] No inbox?

Valerio Valerio valerio.valerio at jollamobile.com
Fri Jan 10 06:04:02 UTC 2014

On 10/01/14 01:55, Chris Walker wrote:
> On Thu, 09 Jan 2014 20:37:17 +0200
> Valerio Valerio <valerio.valerio at jollamobile.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This seems like a common configuration, I checked the login methods
>> and can't see anything special, have you tried following settings for
>> stmp:
>> username: your smtp username
>> passwor: your stmp password
>> server: mail.daily.co.uk
>> Secure connection: TLS
>> port: 587
>> Authentication: Encrypted password
>> This assuming that you are running 1.2.5(latest update).
> I am, or rather the phone is. I'm the Mk 1 human, perhaps even the
> 0.7 beta ;-)
>> Please let me know if you still can't send emails.
> I *still* can't send emails. I'm a member of a local linux user group
> and as one of the members is interested in buying a jolla (I should be
> on commission!), I took mine along. I have to say that he was
> impressed. He played around with it for some time but when he left, I
> then moved on to one of the experienced guys who tried to set up the
> email account. He had my account working on his laptop with the same
> settings that wouldn't work on my phone.
> Valerio, if you want to email me privately, I'll give you my email
> login details and you can play to your hearts content with this until
> you can make it work as I can't.

Thanks, that helps a lot, will contact you in private.

Best regards,

> On the way home from the meeting, I wanted to send a text to my wife.
> If I thought email was difficult, that was a walk in the park compared
> to trying to send an SMS. Seriously people, have you tried this thing
> in the real world? Where's the Reply button? Jeez. You sure are making
> life tough.
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