[SailfishDevel] File not found errors while generating rpms: how can I fix them?

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Sun Jan 5 17:48:14 UTC 2014

El Sunday 05 January 2014, a.grandi at gmail.com escribió:
> -
> https://github.com/andreagrandi/sailsoma/blob/newtemplate/rpm/harbour-sails
> oma.yaml -
> https://github.com/andreagrandi/sailsoma/blob/newtemplate/harbour-sailsoma.
> pro

Have you fixed that already? Because those URLs are 404 now. You deleted the 
> I've tried to give a look around to other projects but I cannot understand
> the differences (or better... ALL projects seem to be different from each
> other and use different conventions... 

Because not all projects are the same, and because not all projects are 
developed by the same people.

> it would not be better to use all
> the same convention and having QtC to check what's missing in .pro and
> .yaml for us?).

That's even harder, and worse. You could define some high level project that 
would generate a .pro file, but once you generate the project file, you would 
end up needing to modify the .pro anyways. And you would need extra 
documentation for the added layer.

I suggest you that you try to be patient, and don't try to learn all it at the 
same time. QMake is not awesome, and is not the best documented thing in the 
world, but is manageable, and for the use case of the majority of Sailfish 
developers, is not harder that doing the application itself.

The problem is that one very quickly wants to do that, and at the same time do 
the packaging, which is another step, and is not necessarily well documented 
(IMHO) compared to qmake.

If you can, try making your application work on the desktop as well. At least 
make it compile and install, so you can try simply if all files get copied to 
where you want. Then you can start blaming RPM or the packaging infrastructure 
if something doesn't work. Otherwise, without good knowledge of any of the two 
sides (building and packaging), you are shooting with your eyes closed.

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