[SailfishDevel] How to get GPS Location in QML (after installing QtPositioning packages to targets and emulator)

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Wed Oct 30 12:28:07 UTC 2013

Hi Bolek

Zitat von tw_bolek <tw_bolek at op.pl>:

> BUT.... if I deploy to the emulator "by copying binaries" I still  
> get an error message about missing libQt5Location.so.5 ....  but  
> WHY? I did install qt5-qtpositioning to the emulator and to the x86  
> target so the library should be there...

libQt5Location.so.5 is part of Qt5Location, not of Qt5Positioning so  
you will need to also install qt5-qtlocation to the Emulator. (The  
"old" Qt 4.8 Mobility.Location stuff is partially in qt5-qtlocation  
and partially in qt5-qtpositioning

Zitat von tw_bolek <tw_bolek at op.pl>:

> OK, so I also added all those packages to the .yaml file's  PkgBR:  
> section.    It does generate an .rpm package of my application.
> Now the question is:  HOW DO I INSTALL that rpm file (my  
> application) to the emulator to and how do I launch it?

Here you need to build and run with the option "Deploy as RPM  
Package". You will find that by clicking the Sailfish Icon just above  
the green run button on the left side of QtCreator. If you install  
this way, then all the changes you have made to the yaml file will  
take effect (i.e. this is an alternative to installing via zypper /  
Control Center).

Zitat von tw_bolek <tw_bolek at op.pl>:

> ... Installing qtpositioning packages to both targets ....

As the emulator is 486 based, you should only need to install to the  
486 target. The arm target can be ignored for the moment.

Zitat von tw_bolek <tw_bolek at op.pl>:

> Installing ....to the SDK (using zypper) ...

If you did this on the SDK via "zypper in XXXXX" it won't have any  
effect. This makes the package available to the operating system of  
the SDK, not to the build engine of the SDK. Installing from the SDK  
Control Center should suffice.


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