[SailfishDevel] DeclarativeGlassImageProvider

Jarko Vihriala jarko.vihriala at jolla.com
Thu Oct 24 14:33:26 UTC 2013

In Qt5 version of Silica there is no DeclarativeGlassImageProvider item as such, the current item names of Silica can be found from plugins.qmltypes of Silica in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica. With quick look closest matching to your request would be DeclarativeGlassItem.

All in all, if you have Qt4 based application done with Alpha SDK, it should be ported to Qt5 using Alpha-Qt5 SDK as almost everything below the APIs themselves have changed. 

thanks, Jarko
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I've used glass background for my app successfully in the first alpha
sdk, but since the second alpha sdk, DeclarativeGlassImageProvider hasn't worked.

Whatever I try to set to source of image element I get error similar to this:

QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified
QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified
DeclarativeGlassImageProvider::requestImage(): source image "" is not available.
qrc:/qml/Silica/AlbumContentPage.qml:66:5: QML Image: Failed to get image from provider: image://glass//home/nemo/.cache/cuteremote/album/127.png

The code is here:
Image {
    id: backgroundImage
    source: "image://glass/" + __artFileName
    sourceSize { width: parent.width; height: parent.height }

where __artFileName changes to correct path (/home/nemo/.cache/cuteremote/album/127.png, file does exists)

Is the DeclarativeGlassImageProvider still supported, has the API changed or is it just broken?


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