[SailfishDevel] How to fully expand PullDownMenu programmatically or elsehow to use expandable menu items?

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Fri Oct 18 15:34:24 UTC 2013

Hi Artem

Are you saying that when the pulley menu opens, the "Change Language"  
menu item would already be expanded with a list of languages?

If so, my gut reaction is that that would be a little strange. I would  
expect the ComboBox to open when the user clicks "Change Language".

However I fought with something similar some months ago. In my case I  
have a ListView, in this case with a list of countries. When one is  
PressedAndHeld, a ContextMenu opens below the MenuItem, and the  
ListView must resize (i.e. expand) accordingly. This proved quite  
tricky to do.

I have just posted a small demo project I made at the time to Github at:




Zitat von "Artem Marchenko" <artem.marchenko at gmail.com>:

> Hi All
> *ComboBox inside the pulley menu*
> I am trying to have a language selection in a pulley menu. ComboBox seems
> to be ideal for this purpose, I add it into the PullDownMenu and everything
> works just great except that the user has to expand the menu fully for
> clicking on ComboBox, this item is not activatable during the pull.
> *Activation during the pull*
> Well, I want it to activate during the pull, so I wrapped it into a
> MenuItem and passed onClicked from MenuItem to inner ComboBox. That works
> fine if combobox has so many items that it launches a full page on click.
> So I tried preventing pulley from closing via cancelBounceBack() - doesn't
> look good, not the same as if user activates item manually.
> *How do I expand the pulley menu fully programmatically*
> - So how do I simulate the situation when user fully expands the pulley
> menu then?
> - Or is the whole idea wrong and [coming] UI guidelines are going to tell
> that only true single line MenuItems should be selectable during pull?
> Best regards,
> Artem.
> --
> Artem Marchenko
> http://agilesoftwaredevelopment.com
> http://twitter.com/AgileArtem

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