[SailfishDevel] Is there a bug tracker?

Putze Sven sailfish.os at hardcodes.de
Sat Aug 10 16:17:10 UTC 2013

It seems that I stirred up a hornet's nest here...

First of all thank you, that there has been an answer from the Jolla team, although the answer is not what I hoped for.
As a user or potential developer in the Jolla universe I simply don't care where the problem is. The SDK is the top layer I can and will develop with and that's my interface. If this interface is a layer on top of other technologies (and yes, it is), I still don't care and why should I? Image that on any other platform!
For now I am satisfied with the situation as it is, because all is still in the flow and the device is not on the market yet.
From my point of view the Jolla crew would make life easier for themselves if they would provide us with a bug tracker. This would be one central place, where they can look and any developer can look. If Jolla is not ready yet, that's fine with me - as long as this attitude changes when the device is there!
BTW: keeping mail addresses in sync and everything under one hood is nice, but not necessary - at least for me. Just be unlike and open, tell everybody that it is a temporary solution and there you go. I do understand though, that they don't want us (and that includes any competitor or even venture capitalist) to see the bugs, that are in their internal bug tracker ;-)

Have a nice one!

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