[SailfishDevel] Wrong Qt version in package manager description?

Jarko Vihriala jarko.vihriala at jollamobile.com
Fri Aug 2 07:01:04 UTC 2013

Hello all,

Yes, Robin is right. We took the SDK snapshot from internal devel some
time ago just to make sure it's stable and we had time to hone features
we planned to release in good shape.

Qt5 version among other things will upgrade as new updates to SDK are
being pushed out.

We have not disclosed strategy how often we make updates but I can
assure that it's more rapid than 1-2 a year, if fact we plan to release
as often we can. The upgrade mechanisms used allow us to have rolling
updates on engine, target and emulator. If changes are needed to QtC and
ifw we'll upgrade them using SDKMaintenancetool's interface.

thanks, Jarko

On 08/02/2013 09:48 AM, Robin Burchell wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2. aug. 2013, at 02:24, Ketil Kvifte <kkvifte at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Have you been working too fast? To me it looks like the package manager
>> think it have Qt-5.0.2 installed, while the libraries themselves say
>> they come from the Qt-5.1.0 release.
> At the time the SDK was snapshotted, Qt 5.1 had not yet been released, so we couldn't exactly call the packages 5.1. Now that 5.1 is out "for real", we're also following 5.1 internally:
> [root at localhost ~]# rpm -q qt5-qtcore
> qt5-qtcore-5.1.0+git3-1.8.2.armv7hl
> I'd imagine this will find its way into the first SDK update.
> BR,
> Robin
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