[SailfishDevel] Wrong Qt version in package manager description?

Robin Burchell robin at viroteck.net
Fri Aug 2 00:28:43 UTC 2013


On 2. aug. 2013, at 02:24, Ketil Kvifte <kkvifte at gmail.com> wrote:
> Have you been working too fast? To me it looks like the package manager
> think it have Qt-5.0.2 installed, while the libraries themselves say
> they come from the Qt-5.1.0 release.

At the time the SDK was snapshotted, Qt 5.1 had not yet been released, so we couldn't exactly call the packages 5.1. Now that 5.1 is out "for real", we're also following 5.1 internally:

[root at localhost ~]# rpm -q qt5-qtcore

I'd imagine this will find its way into the first SDK update.



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