[SailfishDevel] Flatpak support by Lipstick

Andrew Branson andrew.branson at jolla.com
Mon Feb 10 12:36:47 UTC 2020

Hi Rinigus,

I don't think the Wayland window className method is the right thing for 
you - on further investigation this is used by aliendalvik because of 
its unusual shared window handling. Your flatpak apps wouldn't do that 
sort of thing, so we can handle this more simply.

I did find where the support for X-Nemo-Single-Instance lives. It seems 
to only interact with apps using the invoker:


 From the other TJC question about python3, it looks like this might 
still be broken, but as you're not using the invoker I don't think it 
would help you as it stands. More investigation is needed into why it's 
not working, but I think that patch might be too simple.

I think what's needed for flatpak and other launchers is some directive 
to check the first argument as well as the binary. Will look into the 
best way to do that. It'd be nice if it coped with apps that take 
additional arguments too - no doubt there'll be a need to associate 
flatpak apps with mimetypes. A good solution here could well obsolete 
the broken single-instance completely - I'm not sure what use it has 



On 07/02/2020 18:05, rinigus wrote:
> Hi,
> starting as a new thread with the specific subject. As discussed during 
> the last meeting, would be great to get Flatpak app ID support by 
> Lipstick. Idea is to ensure that a single app is started once. I will 
> try to summarize below, please correct me if I am wrong.
> As an ID detected by Lipstick can be from desktop file indicated by 
> X-Flatpak.
> As a helper, we can use flatpak-runner, as it is already. That would 
> require flatpak-runner settings its Wayland className to the one 
> corresponding to Flatpak ID.
> I don't know how to set Wayland className, please advise. Sounded like 
> @abranson could help with Lipstick part, as for Wayland parts, I don't 
> know who could help.
> BTW, if someone wishes to help with Flatpak support, please let me know. 
> Right now, I am mainly working on the Angelfish browser to a add some 
> missing functionality and polish it. Flatpak runner issues are at 
> https://github.com/sailfishos-flatpak/flatpak-runner/issues . For 
> example, selector (combobox), when opened on such pages as TMO, requires 
> some composing. Looks I may have removed too much of the composing 
> support from qxcompositor code in flatpak-runner...
> As a side note, its unclear why single instance support was dropped from 
> Lipstick. Maybe there is some history behind. Otherwise, would be great 
> to get it fixed (my personal opinion)
> Thank you very much for constructive discussion yesterday!
> Cheers,
> Rinigus
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