[SailfishDevel] Sailfish X: issues on Web Radio apps when using wify

juice juice at swagman.org
Mon Oct 7 08:45:23 UTC 2019

E.S. Rosenberg kirjoitti 2019-10-07 11:00:
> Op di 1 okt. 2019 om 15:28 schreef Carlos Jose Mazieri
> <carlos.mazieri at gmail.com>:
>> Hello,
>> I am using Sailfish X on a Xperia Ultra DUAL SIM.
>> For me Web Radio apps such as 'AllRadio', 'Receiver' work fine when
>> using 4G, but when using wify they stop after playing for some time.
>> journalctl -fa log:
>> Oct 01 08:53:02 Sailfish kernel: swr-wcd msm_sdw_swr_ctrl:
>> swrm_cleanup_disabled_data_ports: end of list
>> Oct 01 08:53:02 Sailfish mce[2798]: modules/cpu-keepalive.c:
>> cka_session_finish(): long session lasted 8115157 ms;
>> id=12/undefined name=:1.28 owner=:1.28 pid=3922 uid=100000
>> gid=100000 priv=0 cmd=/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start -n
>> --file=/etc/pulse/arm_droid_def
>> Oct 01 08:53:02 Sailfish mce[2798]: modules/cpu-keepalive.c:
>> cka_state_set(): long keepalive stopped after 8115156 ms
>> Receiver log:
>> [W] unknown:0 - Error: "Server does not support seeking."
>> How  can I solve this problem?
>> Any help/information will be appreciated,
>> Thank you,
>> Carlos Mazieri
> When switching between connection paths connectivity is lost for a
> short while, the application tries to pick up where it left off
> instead of going to the current position of the stream and gets
> rejected.
> The connectivity issue is to the best of my knowledge almost
> unpreventable (but an OS level issue).
> The stream resumption issue is something you can open a bug for with
> the AllRadio maintainer on github.
> HTH,
> Eli

If I understood correctly what Carlos meant is that the playing does
not continue correctly at all over WLAN, regardless of whether there
has been a switchover from 4G connection.
This might be a different case from what you describe.

FWIW; I use the following short script to play radio streams, this
actually works much better than your normal fancy "radio players"

[nemo at Sailfish ~]$
[nemo at Sailfish ~]$ cat ~/bin/radio.sh

gst-launch-1.0 -t souphttpsrc ssl-strict=false location="$1" ! decodebin 
! autoaudiosink | grep "title:"

   - juice -

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