[SailfishDevel] Sailfish X: issues on Web Radio apps when using wify

E.S. Rosenberg es.rosenberg+sailfishos.org at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 08:00:11 UTC 2019

When switching between connection paths connectivity is lost for a short
while, the application tries to pick up where it left off instead of going
to the current position of the stream and gets rejected.
The connectivity issue is to the best of my knowledge almost unpreventable
(but an OS level issue).
The stream resumption issue is something you can open a bug for with the
AllRadio maintainer on github.

Op di 1 okt. 2019 om 15:28 schreef Carlos Jose Mazieri <
carlos.mazieri at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> I am using Sailfish X on a Xperia Ultra DUAL SIM.
> For me Web Radio apps such as 'AllRadio', 'Receiver' work fine when using
> 4G, but when using wify they stop after playing for some time.
> *journalctl -fa* log:
> Oct 01 08:53:02 Sailfish kernel: swr-wcd msm_sdw_swr_ctrl:
> swrm_cleanup_disabled_data_ports: end of list
> Oct 01 08:53:02 Sailfish mce[2798]: modules/cpu-keepalive.c:
> cka_session_finish(): long session lasted 8115157 ms; id=12/undefined
> name=:1.28 owner=:1.28 pid=3922 uid=100000 gid=100000 priv=0
> cmd=/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_droid_def
> Oct 01 08:53:02 Sailfish mce[2798]: modules/cpu-keepalive.c:
> cka_state_set(): long keepalive stopped after 8115156 ms
> *Receiver* log:
> [W] unknown:0 - Error: "Server does not support seeking."
> How  can I solve this problem?
> Any help/information will be appreciated,
> Thank you,
> Carlos Mazieri
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