[SailfishDevel] SDK again, again...

Martin Kampas martin.kampas at jolla.com
Mon Nov 18 06:34:25 UTC 2019

Hi Thomas,

The error messages in the tool tip shown when the *-armv7hl kit is hovered tell you the 
device selected in kit configuration is architecture incompatible with the kit. The kit 
supports armv7hl devices while the device (Sailfish OS Emulator) is an x86 device. You can 
still use the kit to build RPM packages for the armv7hl architecture, you will just not be 
able to run those directly from Qt Creator. For that you need to provide a hardware device 
with that architecture and configure the kit to use that instead of the emulator. Use the *-
i486 kit if you want to run your software under the Sailfish OS Emulator.

The installation log currently contains information that is mostly useful to someone with 
knowledge of SDK installer internals. An error message appearing there is not necessary 
meaning something wrong. The installer would complain verbosely if an installation error 
really occurred.

The SSL-related errors are not likely to affect SDK functions regularly involved in Sailfish 
OS application development.

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