[SailfishDevel] qt upgrade

rinigus rinigus.git at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 17:44:40 UTC 2019


sounds like there are porting and licensing issues on the way of getting qt
5.9 for SFOS (see logs from the last #mer-meeting). Its all understandable,
but it would be great to get a way forward. Not sure whether it has been
considered by others and I wonder whether we can make a separate Qt 5.12
packages for /opt/qt512?

>From a quick test, it is possible to run non-silica applications as well
(tested with qmlscene and QML with plain Window). In that test, even
keyboard worked as expected. Look was non-native, but let it be for now.

So, I wonder, whether its possible to get Qt 5.12 compiled with /opt/qt512
prefix and then use it for development using the latest libs (new web
browser?) and collaborate with other mobile Linux'es out there. As far as I
remember, Wayland was rather old and, maybe, it will preclude Qt 5.12
compilation. @mal, though, had a newer version around and it may serve a
purpose for such project. Is there anything else that should be considered?



PS: Please consider it as request-for-comment and not as any kind of
statement nor call-for-action :)
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