[SailfishDevel] Error installing .desktop file

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Tue Aug 20 07:10:11 UTC 2019

Wrong quoting, mea culpa. I hate webmail

"Андрей Кожевников" <coderusinbox at gmail.com> – 20. august 2019 08:40
> So, where is your pro file with relevant desktop file entry?

I didn't mention it being in the .pro file: 
> These settings are copied (and modified to fit the project) from a fresh
> skeleton made by the SDK. And that fresh project builds and deploys just find
> (as opposed to the plugin library skeleton)

I did subsequently try to add it as it was in the skeleton project in the DISTFILES section, but to no avail 

Just to clarify: Between each build I run Build->Clean Project, delete leftover Makefiles and make sure there are no leftovers of the app on the device.

A: Because it breaks the logical sequence of discussion
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