[SailfishDevel] QML IconButton in SFOS 3.1

Slava Monich slava.monich at jolla.com
Sat Aug 3 14:33:32 UTC 2019

I don't think there's an "official" way of maintaining backward 
compatibility but I'd humbly suggest something like if ("color" in icon) ...

e.g. I do this kind of thing to notifications:

     Notification {
         id: clipboardNotification
         previewBody: "Copied to clipboard"
         Component.onCompleted: {
             if ("icon" in clipboardNotification) {
                 clipboardNotification.icon = "icon-s-clipboard"



> Hi,
> due to the changes in handling of icon coloring of IconButton in SFOS 
> 3.1, I am getting a steady stream of EA users complaining about the 
> absence of icons in Pure Maps - as in 
> http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1558483&postcount=773 . The issue 
> has been described well in 
> https://together.jolla.com/question/209315/bug-31011-qml-iconbutton-problems/ 
> without any response from Jolla devs. Let's see if we can get this 
> response over here.
> In Pure Maps, icons are expected to be drawn according to the styling 
> given by map, not by ambience. I was told that I can set icon.color: 
> undefined as a property. However, when doing it for SFOS versions 
> <3.1, this leads to lots of warning messages on stdout. What's an 
> official way that I am expected to use when I want to support earlier 
> SFOS versions as well?
> Cheers,
> Rinigus
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