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Fri May 5 10:43:40 UTC 2017


I am developing an application that has to have an access to the fonts
covering all languages. While coverage of the fonts distributed with SFOS
has improved in 2.1, I still get failure with rendering Sinhala in QML.
Probably some other scripts are missing as well.

For technical reasons, I need to specify the fonts used for rendering in
the program or accompanying style files. Changing that would be far from
trivial and I would prefer to specify font paths and names for now when
compiling program/generating styles.

Hence my questions:

* Do we have somewhere a list of fonts that are always available on SFOS
and their path (directories)? I could see a bunch of fonts under
/usr/share/fonts, I presume that's all we have for now.

* Probably correct way to tackle the font rendering issue would be to
include Noto fonts (or something similar). Ideally, it should be done via a
separate package. I can include all the required fonts in RPM, but that
would blow up the package probably by ~40MB in size (uncompressed 52MB, zip
compressed 42MB). Sounds a bit like a waste of bandwidth, but probably the
only way to do that in agreement with the Harbour policies. Jolla, any
plans to include Noto (or similar) fonts into SFOS distribution? Or changes
in policies allowing us to push fonts to the devices?

Best wishes,

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