[SailfishDevel] Nemo DBus typedCall

Kimmo Lindholm Kimmo.Lindholm at eke.fi
Sun Jun 11 13:29:57 UTC 2017

You’re missing the property name. You need:

string:Powered variant:boolean:true


typedCall('SetProperty', [ {'type':'s', 'value': 'Powered'}, {'type':'v', 'value': valuet}], …);

ref: https://talk.maemo.org/archive/index.php/t-92303.html


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Hi devs,

I'm playing around with the Nemo DBus QML plugin but I'm a little bit stuck when using the function typedCall().

    DBusInterface {

        id: wifi

        bus: DBus.SystemBus

        service: 'net.connman'

        path: '/net/connman/technology/wifi'

        iface: 'net.connman.Technology'

        signalsEnabled: true

        function setState(powered) {

            var value = powered? 'true': 'false'


                      {'type':'s', 'value':value},

                      function() { console.log('[INFO] wifi power state set') },

                      function() { console.log('[ERROR] wifi power state failed') })


        function propertyChanged(name, value) {

            console.log("WiFi changed NAME=%1 VALUE=%2".arg(name).arg(value))



But it seems that I'm doing something wrong when I try to enable/disable wifi. It's my first attempts with DBus but I have managed to read the signals with the plugin without any issues.


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