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Chris Adams chris.adams at jolla.com
Mon Feb 20 01:41:56 UTC 2017

Hi Eli,

Sorry for top posting, but OWA doesn't quote properly.

Firstly, was_local contacts occur when a local (phone device) contact is aggregated into another contact which already had a local constituent.  We only allow one single local constituent per aggregate contact, so one of them gets demoted to was_local.  This can occur if you import from a .vcf or via Bluetooth, for example.

If you can reproduce the duplication event and provide sync logs of that event (as per https://sailfishos.org/wiki/CalDAV_and_CardDAV_Community_Contributions#Sync_Logs) that would be helpful!

You should be able to delete the contacts from the database so long as you also delete any entries from the OOB table which relate to that CardDAV account.

Best regards,

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Hi everyone,
Last week I noticed that my phone seems to have gone into similar behavior as I described a long time ago with google sync here:

I currenlty have 26k entries in contacts.db for 9xx contacts.

I suspect that this may be linked to a stage where I was connected via a filtered provider that tried to MITM the connection and caused it to close with an authentication error, I'm going to clean it up the same way I described there and turn carddav back on but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues.

Is anyone aware of any reason not to just delete everything with syncTarget == carddav (or != local)?


987    aggregate
23128    carddav
1419    google
930    local
2    sim
65    telepathy
2    voicemail
3    was_local

What does 'was_local' mean?
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