[SailfishDevel] org.nemomobile.configuration examples

Michael Neufing michael at neufing.org
Tue Feb 7 12:56:49 UTC 2017


have a look at my SailfishReboot repo at GitHub [1].
You can just add your properties into the ConfigurationGroup and that's 
it :)
The loading/saving/notifying is already handled four you *magic* :)



Am 07.02.2017 13:46, schrieb Dylan Van Assche via Devel:
> Hi devs,
> Currently I'm struggling with the org.nemomobile.configuration QML
> module.
> On the SailfishOS Reference pages is explained which properties this
> module has but I can't find any examples there.
> After some Googling I found some examples on how to use
> ConfigurationValue {} but I want to group several settings together in
> a ConfigurationGroup {}.
> Does anyone a simple example on how to use ConfigurationGroup {}?
> Thanks & have a nice day,
> Dylan Van Assche aka modulebaan
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