[SailfishDevel] [Live meeting from FOSDEM] Sailfish OS Open Source Collaboration Meeting, Saturday February 3rd 2017

dcaliste at free.fr dcaliste at free.fr
Sat Feb 4 13:23:09 UTC 2017

Hello James,

I cannot attend the meeting today, even on IRC. If Kate6 doesn't receive any answer to his question about encrypted maybe you can relay my opinion :
I think the encrypted part of an email is already available from command line. QMF is saving already decoded the various part of a multipart email in .qmf/mail. Doing a ll -rt there gives the latest received emails and the parts are in a subdirectory. Then it can be copied by ssh or directly decoded in fingerterm. It is simpler imho than proposing the encrypted file in the UI where anyway one cannot do anything with it even not save it somewhere.

Thank you and have a nice meeting everyone.


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