[SailfishDevel] Open source in-app ad API helper for QML - please, join

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Tue May 31 14:55:55 UTC 2016


I would be more than happy if you try it on Ubuntu.

If you could contribute improving how received HTML content is displayed - in WebView currently -, that would be awsome...

Especially missing how to navigate to external browser when user clicks on displayed ad...

And how to detect if clicked on ad or not...

Michael Hall írta ekkor: 2016.05.31. 16:06

Hi Zoltan,

I'd be interested in trying to get this working in Ubuntu Touch apps. It
would be easier if it was pure QML though, is there anything in the C++
code that couldn't be done in Javascript?

Michael Hall

mhall119 at ubuntu.com

On 05/30/2016 02:48 PM, Zoltán Lutor wrote:
> I've progressed with implementing an open source wrapper for Vserv
> RESTful advertisement API in QML. Quote from API description:
> Vserv provides a simple HTTP based API to publishers/developers and
> other ad networks, etc. to fetch ads for mobile sites or mobile
> applications. The mobile device / server makes a HTTP request to
> Vserv Marketplace server with the required parameters and in
> response receives the ad in JSON format. This single API integration
> gives you the flexibility to fetch banner/ full screen / rich media ads.
> Available implementation is in pre-beta phase - quite majority of
> functionality works but there is still room for improvement.
> Since I'm not so experienced in this area of sw development - and
> especially newbie in Sailfish native development - */I would like to ask
> some help from the community in finishing it/*.
> It would be a general purpose QML wrapper around the API with necessary
> tailoring is needed for Sailfish - e.g. Webkit vs. WebView, etc. Maybe
> separate git branches are needed for different implementation(?) - I'm
> open for any reasonable proposal.
> Is there anybody willing to join? Reviewing, commenting - and of course,
> coding is more than welcome. [This is my first open source project, so
> comment from this aspect is welcome, too.]
> API descrption is here
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/139TRSTV33tLxKxbew4yPTPF4uc8PZJPiRkxyo9GymIE/edit>,
> code repository is in BitBucket
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/139TRSTV33tLxKxbew4yPTPF4uc8PZJPiRkxyo9GymIE/edit>
> Br,
> Zoltan
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