[SailfishDevel] Open source in-app ad API helper for QML - please, join

Camil Bancioiu ioan.camil.bancioiu at gmail.com
Tue May 31 09:55:33 UTC 2016

Hello Zoltan,

I hope you will find help with your SDK. Not because I like ads (I don't), but because the platform is free, and everybody should implement what they think it's best. But first, you should talk to Jolla, because they're the ones that will eventually allow apps with your ad-SDK in Harbour. And, depending on their philosphy and principles regarding this matter (yet unkown), they may approve of your SDK, or not. If apps using the ad-SDK won't be admitted on Harbour, it will be hard to earn money through it, I think. Also, don't forget Jolla already has plans for some "SuperApps" or whatever they're called, which is basically sponsored content. There may be some politics involved here, regarding ads in normal apps. 

Bottom line: ask Jolla if they will allow apps using the ad-SDK on Harbour, and how does it relate to their already-planned sponsored content in the OS.

Best regards,

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