[SailfishDevel] Open source in-app ad API helper for QML - please, join

Andrew Branson sfdevlist at andrewbranson.net
Tue May 31 07:42:13 UTC 2016

On 31/05/2016 9:36 am, Tone Kastlunger wrote:
>>A better approach would be a toolkit for unlocking extra/full functionality through easy donations/micropayments. There was already a suggestion in a community meeting to implement the Qt Purchasing API for this, as an alternative >to paid store apps (which I also disagree with because of the DRM baggage it will inevitably bring). This approach is the most respectful on both the developer and the user sides.
> For that we'd need a payment backend; as for now it only relies on AppStore / Google Play.

Could do, though I'd hope the API is flexible enough for us to be free to choose a better model like Flattr or cryptocurrency...

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