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Krisztian Olah fasza2mobile at gmail.com
Thu May 26 13:42:26 UTC 2016

Hi Dirk,
  If it's a rebranded aqua fish, which I believe it is, it won't have the other half feature. I didn't see any mention of nfc, even though that was the specific feature I was looking for. 
Any one in the know please correct me if I'm wrong. Without nfc it isn't enough improvement over my Jolla to consider it.
Just my 2 pence.

On Thu May 26 14:12:19 2016 GMT+0100, Dirk Thierbach wrote:
> Jolla Community wrote:
> > As a thank you for your loyalty, we've just announced a new program for
> > *you*, the Jolla community! By joining the Sailfish Community Device
> > Program, you will get access to special content and R&D sessions, event
> > invitations, and the new Sailfish OS smartphone, the limited community
> > edition /*Jolla C*/.
> So that's a Snapdragon 212 phone, a SoC which looks very similar to the
> Snapdragon 400 used in the old Jolla. Though the second SIM slot is nice
> to have.
> Now the interesting question is if the design, uh, oversights of the
> old Jolla phone have been fixed? That is,
> * is the FM radio actually usable (internal antenna connected)?
> * can the USB used in OTG mode?
> * is the NFC sensor available for general usage, instead of being
>   reserved to identify the other half?
> From the image on https://jolla.com/jollac, it looks like the concept
> of the other half has been kept.
> - Dirk
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