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Oleksii Serdiuk contacts at oleksii.name
Thu May 26 12:41:00 UTC 2016

I think that the question might have been BTLE support in Android. On 
Jolla Phone it doesn't work due to old Android version.

 From the specs it looks like a "rebranded" Aqua Fish, so I expect BTLE 
support in Android to be present.

On 26.05.2016 14:30, juice wrote:
> Michele Tameni kirjoitti 2016-05-26 15:08:
>> Any info about the BTLE support?
> I'd be *really* surprised if BTLE did not work since there currently
> doesn't exist any BT chipsets without the feature.
> It most probably works as easily as with the previous Jolla device.
>    - juice -
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