[SailfishDevel] graphDB (gnome - tracker) on sailfish

Peter Kovacs leginee at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 21:39:58 UTC 2016

I changed the topic to something more apropriate.
I took a brief look at tracker, and the goals and alround project sounds 
interesting. It is a slight different direction I had in mind, thought. 
But well it reminds me on how apple should have taggled their iOS 
Datamanegment but failed to do this.

@Chris Adams: Do you refer on Problems with tracker within Projects on 
Desktop or Embedded environments?
I think if you get Issues with DBus (seems to be core feature for 
Tracker, yay) you get lost quickly without in depth knowledge. Maybe you 
refer to that?

However I think if I try to make tracker ready for Sailfish as an 
alternate way for storing Data instead of SQL RDBMS, you need more then 
just tracker.
A Data API that connects QT / QML - way to handle Data with tracker is 
vital for such a Project. And that in a way you can use the API with 80% 
plus of the use cases when it comes down to store Information on your phone.
The API should make this tool work seemlessly. And I agree with Chris 
Adams, right away, that this is realy challenging if this should beat 
the experienced SQL way.

I have some Ideas thought. And at least a broader vision on what I had 

I will write some sort of concept in the upcomming weeks.

Is besides Andrej anyone else interested to share Ideas, requirement he 
sees in respect of MetaData/ Data storage in general?

If it is only a small circle I would discuss this off the list, and come 
back to you all if the concepts is ready. Then I would see a PoC and at 
latest a Warehouse version.
currently this is based on hobby/freetime level. so I will need some time.

Thanks for the input so far!

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