[SailfishDevel] Resolution-independent in-app icons

Michael Neufing michael at neufing.org
Fri Jul 22 07:38:53 UTC 2016

Hi Joona,

how about to just allow post-install and pre-uninstall scripts?
Even Nokia allowed them for Harmattan apps in the OVI store... So I 
think there should be a way to check the scripts in the QA process to 
ensure that the scripts do nothing harmful.

In my wolEj app I used the pre-uninstall script [1] to remove launcher 
icons which the user could add as a shortcut to instantly wake up their 
favorite machines without opening the app.
Without the script, after the removal of the app the launcher icons 
would have stayed there without icon and without any functionality and 
the user would have to remove them manually...

Maybe a solution to this could be, to just allow specific commands only 
- which could even be provided by the system (eg. 
sailfish-generate-icons $APPNAME $SOURCEPATH, 
sailfish-remove-launcher-icons $APPNAME, sailfish-cleanup-cache 
$APPNAME, sailfish-invoke-as-nemo $PATHTOEXEC, etc.)


PS: Sorry for using this thread for this, but it seems to fit here quite 
well :)



Am 22.07.2016 09:17, schrieb Joona Petrell:

> In theory you could use that to scale application's SVGs on device to
> target pixel ratio as post-install step, unfortunately it is ran as
> root and thus cannot be allowed for Store apps. Then you wouldn't need
> to hardcode the pixel ratios to build time scripts. I'll dig deeper to
> see what we could do there.
> Br,
> Joona

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