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Joona Petrell joona.petrell at jolla.com
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Hi Petr,

Unfortunately you cannot currently. Dqml is not a productised tool. Qt just announced a new project called QmlLive http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt-apps/qmllive.git as part of their Qt Automotive Suite. Would be awesome to get it integrated to Sailfish SDK. Before we have time to work on it community contributions (packaging qmllive, making it build and run on Sailfish targets, preparing setup instructions for app developers, integrating it to the official SDK https://github.com/sailfish-sdk) are welcome. :)

While the environment was different the actual Silica code and examples I presented should run without issues on Sailfish SDK and Sailfish devices.



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When I saw records of Sailfish Community Event I noticed that a speaker was using dqml tool [1]. How to build and run it for Sailfish development correctly?

Thanks in advance!

[1] https://github.com/sletta/dqml<redir.aspx?REF=h2IRKZtWECT0sFlufUiuM3df2VJlYeQw7q59hbo50-N8jADk16PTCAFodHRwczovL2dpdGh1Yi5jb20vc2xldHRhL2RxbWw.>


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