[SailfishDevel] Patching bluetooth keyboard

Pekka Vuorela pekka.vuorela at jolla.com
Tue Jan 26 09:37:13 UTC 2016

On ti, 2016-01-26 at 00:03 +0100, Kim Foder wrote:
> Hi
> I have a Rii mini pocket keyboard with English layout, and would like
> to patch 
> the keyboard layout to be able to enter the national characters for
> Denmark (æ 
> ø å). I would like to make alt+o => ø, alt+a => å etc.
> From what I read on the 'net I need to patch the boston.qmap file,
> does anyone 
> know if this is correct?

Nope, you want to modify xkeyboard-config files. 
https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/xkeyboard-config or

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