[SailfishDevel] Qt5SystemInfo status

Кожевников Андрей Андреевич coderusinbox at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 11:53:06 UTC 2016

In most cases you can fetch information using dbus calls without using 
systeminfo lib.

12.01.2016 17:51, Oleksii Serdiuk пишет:
> I've had a similar issue: I needed Qt SystemInfo to integrate 
> analytics into my app.
> The recommended way to solve linking against non-whitelisted 
> libraries, is to ship them together with your app. However, just 
> taking libQt5SystemInfo.so.5 from Sailfish repos and putting it into 
> your RPM won't work: it links against other non-whitelisted libraries 
> (namely, SSU, and SSU links further). So my solution was to build a 
> custom version of libQt5SystemInfo.so.5, which excludes 
> non-whitelisted libs.
> The source for Sailfish version of Qt SystemInfo is available here:
> https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/qtsystems
> I don't remember the qmake flags exactly (I can check them when I'm 
> back home, if you need), but I think they were:
> > qmake CONFIG+=ofono CONFIG+=nox11option
> This will produce Harbour-compatible version of libQt5SystemInfo.so.5 
> which you can link against and include into you RPM.
> Or, you can reuse my version of it. It's available here:
> https://olse.me/taot
> libQt5SystemInfo.so.5 is in rpm/lib/<arch> folder. You can take a look 
> at taot.pro (lines 263-264, 278, and 284), rpm/harbour-taot.yaml (line 
> 44), and rpm/harbour-taot.spec to see how I include the lib into RPM.
> On 11/01/16 03:29, Riku Lahtinen wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I developed an app At Work, which records the time you stay at work by
>> using GPS. Because of the poor GPS functionality in buildings and
>> response of the app users I added a feature to utilize a cell
>> information also. For that I needed to import QtSystemInfo 5.0. I got
>> that to work by inserting two lines to spec file and everything seems to
>> be working. Though the app doesn't pass the Jolla Harbour rpm check,
>> because QtSysteminfo is not accepted in the test.
>> Does anybody know when QtSystemInfo is accepted to be used or are there
>> other paths to proceed? I know OpenRepos is one way but I like the work
>> they do in Jolla Harbour very much to increase the reliability of our
>> software.
>> Best Regards
>> Riku

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