[SailfishDevel] Weird behaviour with BT headset

juice at swagman.org juice at swagman.org
Wed Feb 3 04:25:24 UTC 2016

jollailija at gmail.com kirjoitti ti helmikuuta 2 18:47:27 2016 GMT+0200:
> taixzo taixzo kirjoitti ti helmikuuta 2 16:26:49 2016 GMT+0200:
> > I remember the N9 had an issue of interference between the Bluetooth and
> > WiFi radios; the headset would stutter when connecting to or disconnecting
> > from an access point. I worked around it by disabling WiFi while using the
> > headset. Maybe this is a similar issue?
> Since we have the same radio controlling software (connman) (IIRC) I think it's possible it's the same problem. I have no problems with just the headset or WLAN, but together they bug out. So, disabling WLAN is a workaround, but how am I supposed to listen to internet radios without an internet connection? :(

Heh, that's simple; just forget WLAN and use only 3G/4G with bluetooth... ;)
Actually that is what I do, I only use BT headsets when I am out from home on a hike or bicycling. That might be the reason I never have encountered these problems; even though my WLAN is always on it is not connected when I listen to radio.

  - juice -

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