[SailfishDevel] The UI dims after removing an item from GridView

Marcin Mielniczuk marmistrzmar at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 14:42:27 UTC 2016


I created a SilicaGridView with a ContextMenu (placed in a ColumnLayout):

SilicaGridView {
     id: myView

     Layout.preferredWidth: parent.width
     Layout.fillHeight: true

     model: myModel

     cellWidth: width / gridDimension // say, gridDimension = 2
     cellHeight: height / gridDimension

     delegate: BackgroundItem {

         id: bgItem
         width: myView.cellWidth
         height: myView.cellHeight

         ContextMenu {
             id: contextMenu
             parent: bgItem
             anchors {
                 left: bgItem.left
                 right: bgItem.right
                 bottom: bgItem.bottom

             MenuItem {
                 text: "Remove"
                 onClicked: myModel.remove(model.index)

         onPressAndHold: contextMenu.show(this)

         VisualElement {
             /* ... */

Then I tried using it. I pressed and held the BackgroundItem. The menu 
appeared. I stopped pressing the mouse. The screen dimmed. I decided not 
to remove. The screen undimmed. I entered the menu again. The screen 
dimmed. I removed the element: the screen did *not* undim.

What have I done wrong?


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