[SailfishDevel] Developer introductions with their own Flattr buttons

Review Jolla reviewjolla at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 16:15:58 UTC 2015

Hi Sailfish OS app developers,

Toni Könnecke came up with an idea to support app developers also outside
Jolla Store, using my blog a little. Those of you who have registered to
Flattr as "I'm a creator" might want to check this preview:
http://reviewjolla.blogspot.com/p/app-developers.html and share an opinion
of how the final introduction page could look like.

This idea is ment for both harbour developers and for example OpenRepos
providers. You're welcome to join as well with your introduction and your
own Flattr button, but please note that these introductions are ment only
for developers who code as their hobby, and possible money is to be
gathered for common good (development of free apps, made available for

The link above is visible for only those who know it, however, feel free to
share it to other developers outside this mailing list. I hope it'll add to
the support of all your great efforts so far and in the future! Thanks for
what you're doing!

I'm happy to answer any questions regarding this both via my blog email or

Yours In Sails,
Simo Ruoho
Review Jolla
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