[SailfishDevel] Using QtBluetooth 5.4 Backport in a harbour-app

Aaron McCarthy aaron.mccarthy at jolla.com
Mon Jan 19 01:30:44 UTC 2015


On Sat, 17 Jan 2015 12:29:06 Harald Schmitt wrote:
> After updating to the latest sdk
> (SailfishOSSDK-Beta-1412-Qt5-linux-64-offline.run) the bib did not build
> alltough I added the required library (bluez-libs-devel) and synced the
> target within qt creator it did not sucessfully do the
> qtCompileTest(bluez)
> After numerous tries I added the line
> CONFIG+=recheck
> with this qt does not cache the qtCompileTest results.
> This did the trick and after one build I could remove the line again and
> even after qtcreator restart it builds correctly.
> Strange!!!

To rerun the compile tests you can remove the .qmake.cache file from your 
build directory.


Aaron McCarthy

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