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On 18.12.2013 10:32, dcaliste at free.fr wrote:
> Hello,
> Selon Iekku Pylkka <iekku.pylkka at jolla.com>:
>> 5)
>> New APIs are approved as we go along - we'll inform you when you're allowed
>> to use new APIs in Harbour apps on the mailing list. If you think you need an
>> API (library or QML import) for your Harbour app that is not yet approved,
>> let us know on sailfish-devel. The current list of approved APIs can be found
> While I'm requesting for low-level libs, may I suggest two others :
> - libxml2. As far as I know, their API is quite stable now even if it was not
> the case in the past (I remember having some trouble with it in 2003, but it's
> history now !).

as mentioned in several places before. Harbour QA started on 07. Jan 
2015 to accept submissions which depend on:


> - gconf. I allows to access gconf keys. It was the prefered way to store
> application preferences in the Maemo days, so many codes are using it. As for
> the Glib stuff, it has a stable API and is available already in Mer.

GConf is deprecated upstream and got replaced with DConf in Update 7. 
See Saapunki release notes[0]. Note: The GConf functions in 
mlite5 still work, and they transparently use DConf as backend now.



> What's your point of view on these two ?
> Damien.
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