[SailfishDevel] Harbour: Allow more libraries to link against

Reto Zingg reto.zingg at jolla.com
Fri Jan 9 07:53:49 UTC 2015


On 27.12.2013 18:48, Ruediger Gad wrote:
> Hi,
> two of my apps (MeePasswords and Q To-Do) are being rejected because
> they are linked against libraries that are not "allowed".
> I read the according FAQ at https://harbour.jolla.com/faq and understand
> your motivation for being so restrictive.
> However, I'd love to add these apps to Harbour and I think that the libs
> as well as their API are pretty much stable and should be suited for
> addition to the whitelist of allowed libs.
> The relevant libraries are:
> - libqmfclient5.so.1
> - libssl.so.10
> - libcrypto.so.10

as mentioned in several places before. Harbour QA started on 07. Jan 
2015 to accept submissions which depend on:


Unfortunately libqmfclient5.so.1 is not yet among the allowed libraries. 
There are API changes coming up and the library is not widely requested, 
so it does not have high priority to be allowed in Harbour soon.

best regards

> It would be great if these could be added to the allowed libraries to
> link against.
> Some explanation what I use these libs for:
> libqmfclient5.so.1:
>    Both of my apps offer a synchronization feature that uses IMAP for
> synchronising files between different devices.
>    For this, I use the IMAP/e-mail API as provided by QMF.
> libssl.so.10
> libcrypto.so.10
>    MeePasswords uses cryptography to encrypt data.
>    For this it uses qca-qt5 which links against said libs.
>    I know that there is qca-qt5 already in nemo:devel:mw (I actually
> filed the PR to enable packaging of the qt5 version) but it is not
> supported for Harbour apps yet.
>    I also requested the addition of qca-qt5 to the allowed libs some time
> ago.
>    As work-around I ship qca-qt5 with my app and thus need to link
> against said libs in the meantime.
> I hope this is the right channel to address this request to.
> If not, please redirect me in the appropriate direction.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Ruediger

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